Italian salad and Italian salad dressing recipe

Italian salad and salad dressing recipe

* 130 g apples
* 130 g cooked potatoes
* 50 g cooked carrots
* 50 g cooked celery
* 130 grams of cooked ham
* 3 anchovy
* 1 teaspoon capers

Boiled ham, the peeled, ent kernten apples, pickled cucumber, starting gepellten potatoes, carrots and celery, cut into fine strips and in a bowl. You chop the anchovies and they are with the capers of them.

Then we mixed Italian salad dressing with the other salad ingredients and everything is good through.

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Greek salad and Greek salad dressing

Greek salad

* 400 g cucumber
* 420 g tomatoes
* 135 g onion
* 80 g black olives
* 250 g Scharf Greek cheese

Peel cucumber and cut off the end. Cucumbers lengthwise in half, and entkernen into thin slices. Watch tomatoes, dry, halve and remove Stängelansätze. Tomato cut into pieces.

Remove vegetables and onion into thin slices. Drain olives. Sheep cheese into thin slices. The prepared ingredients on a large plate harm.

Greek salad dressing

* 3 tablespoons white wine vinegar
* Salt
* Pepper
* Sugar
* 6 EL olive oil
* Herb, marjoram and basil

For the Greek salad dressing vinegar with salt, pepper and sugar stir. Olive oil suppressed. The salad dressing on the salad ingredients. Salad with basil and herbs bestreuen and serve.

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Salads and vegetables – Tips

Salads and vegetables – Tips

All salads and vegetables need to be read out in order faulende, sick or otherwise unusable parts to be removed. From sandy dirt, they are then by thorough washing, best fliesendem under water, to clean. Roh to use plants should be to prevent infections, even 10-15 minutes kochsalzhaltiges water.

One has but to make sure that the salad is completely dry before it is with mixed salad dressing, salad tastes aqueous fade. It must be so after the guards on a screen or punch drain or in a cloth or wire basket ausgeschwenkt. We must express it.

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