Carpaccio of beef recipe

Carpaccio of beef recipe

4 plate with Balsamic Drizzle and spread with a brush, so that the entire plate is covered thin.

The roast the pine nuts and wash the arugula.

The thin slices of beef, give the rocket and pine nuts on the plate, and the Parmesan thinly planed it. Now season with salt, lemon juice and pepper, drizzle the olive oil over it. I also take a little balsamic vinegar to it.

Then serve immediately in the baguette.

Thus, the beef can be easily cut into thin slices, it freezes before the fillet slightly. But you need to have either a very sharp knife or a slicer. Otherwise, you can also help in the way that you put the thicker slices between 2 freezer bag and gently knocks flat with a meat mallet or a casserole, or the fillet can be cut at the butcher.