Green asparagus salad – Recipe

Green asparagus salad – Recipe

* 400 grams of green asparagus
* 1 / 4 L Water
* 100 g Zuckerschoten
* 0.5 tsp sugar
* Prices salt
* 150 g turkey breast fillet
* 2 tablespoons salad oil
* Pepper
* 150 g tomatoes
* 1 lettuce
* 200 g of cheese

For the green asparagus salad, asparagus from top to bottom peel, make sure the shells completely removed, the heads are not violated. The 1 cm from the bottom cut off. Green shoots Wash, drain and St. 3-6 cm long cut. Water with salt and sugar in a pot to boil. Green asparagus pieces to add to boil and cook 10-12 minutes covered. Then the green asparagus pieces in a sieve abgiessen and the asparagus field and water zurka which measured 150 ml.

Of the Zuckerschoten the ends off, the pods abfädeln, wash, drain. Water in a pot to boil and Zuckerschoten is about 3-5 minutes. Then the Zuckerschoten with cold water to deter a colander and drain.

Turkey breast fillet fliesendem under water, rinse, dry and only thin slices. Oil in a pan to heat. The turkey strips is approximately 5 minutes fry well with salt and pepper and out of the pan. Wash the tomatoes, dry un cut. Wash the lettuce, and in trockenschleudern bite Stüke zupfen. Cheese cut into cubes.

Asparagus salad dressing

* 130 ml of water green asparagus
* 4 tbsp vinegar or lemon juice
* 1 teaspoon mustard
* 4 tbsp walnut oil
* Chopped herbs (mixed)

For the asparagus salad dressing measured green asparagus water with vinegar, mustard and herbs stir with pepper. Walnut oil suppressed. The salad dressing with the green asparagus salad ingredients and mix before serving the cheese cubes on the green asparagus salad spread.