Asparagus salad and asparagus salad dressing

Asparagus salad and asparagus salad dressing right

* 600 grams of asparagus

The asparagus zartweiss must look to break easily, and in the cracks juicy. It peels it from top to bottom and make sure the shells are completely removed, but the heads are not violated, and cut it to 5-6 cm long pieces.

It is strongly boiling, salted water is soft and cooked, about 10-15 minutes Take asparagus foam with a spoon out, mixed it still warm with the salad dressing and asparagus is good through. He will, with hard, sliced tomatoes and raw eggs decorated rings, served.

Asparagus salad dressing

* 4 tbsp salad oil
* 2 tablespoons lemon juice
* 1 Prices salt
* 1TL Gehakter herbs

Salad oil, lemon juice, salt, man so long with a fork or blender until a thick salad dressing was created. The feingehackten including herbs are stirred. You can 1 / 2 small onion feingehakte add, but also with celery, sugar or honey season.

Total cooking time is approximately 30-40 minutes so.