“As a salad called not only the usual salad crops such as lettuce, cut lettuce, endive or Pflücksalat, but also all raw and cooked vegetables., Fruits and meats, with a salad dressing served and usually cold addressed.

No preparation has so many possibilities of change as the salad. You can see the diverse mix vegetables, raw and cooked vegetables often meet the spicy salad dressing by Beigaben vary, even vegetables, fruit, meat and eggs charming blends together. A fill of options is linked to the housewife, deviation in their kitchen to slip, and an excellent opportunity to use remains the smallest.

In addition to these advantages, the salads but their importance for our diet. Raw salads are the best form, the body of the important mineral salts un vitamins coffers, in our vegetables are included. They are in this preparation by a cooking process diminished or reduced in their value. So, at least in those days, where no vegetables on the table, a bowl of rich green salad. ”

All cooked vegetables, salad served as their special value. Not only that it in this form on hot days so refreshing and welcome are involved in the preparation of salads related spices, the digestive juices suggested that what the exploitation of the natural products of great importance. The prerequisite is, however, the salads carefully prepared and properly seasoned.

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