Vinegar, sauce and salad oils

Vinegar, sauce and salad oils

More important than the question whether a salad sauce or a vinaigrette salad dressing, is the selection of vinegars and oil sites for a salad sauce. The selected oil and vinegar-type can taste as a strong influence on salad.

For salads should allow high-quality, cold-pressed (native) plant oils. These have a high content of unsaturated fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins and are nutritionally very valuable. Sunflower, maize or rapeseed oil are relatively tasteless. Olive oil or nut oils, however, have a stronger own taste.

Vinegar by the fermentation of alcoholic liquids, eg Wine for wine vinegar or fermented apple juice for apple vinegar. Wine and sets are rather mild, as well as taste and herb vinegars very diverse applications.

Very belibt is Acento balsamic vinegar, a dark spicy vinegar, the pure grape and won in wooden barrels several years to mature.

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