Olive oil from the….

Olive oil from Sicily

Sicilian olive oils take a special position: They are among the most intense olive oil in the world, are strongly structured (in the closed bottle, they remain more than a year aromatic fruity), while sweet on the palate and the reverberation clearly pfeffrig. From the enthusiasm of fresh crop oils with the scent of grass, kiwi, green bananas and lemons. The varieties of hot NOCELLARA, TONDA IBLEA AND BIANCOLILLA. These oils are perfect for the Preparation and seasoning of meat and shellfish.

Olive oils from Greece

Grass, salbei, rosemary and ripe tomatoes can be found in the nose of the best Greek olive oils, mostly from a single olive variety, the KORONEIKI, compared wonnen. On the palate is dominated by a sweet feinherber Mandelton, ex-gang peppery notes. The Oile season vegetables, fish and meat perfectly.

Olive oils from France (Provence)

French olive oils from the typical varieties AGLANDAU, GROSSANE OR PICHOLINE taste similar to sweet and subtle as the northern and have only weak bitter notes. Perfect fit to Röstbrot, vegetables, salads and fish. The Provence-oils should be consumed soon as possible, as it rapidly aromatic
Fresh lose – especially since they often result in light transparent glass bottles filled.

Olive oil from Eastern Europe, overseas

In Croatia and Slovenia remember the olive oil with hints of thyme, tomatoes, Rocket and mint oils to the Tuscany. Depending on the olive varieties taste the oils from the USA, Australia and Chile similar to that in Tuscany, Puglia and southern Spain.

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